Krell HDMI 4K HDR Switcher

The switcher extends the video capabilities of the Foundation, Foundation 4K, S-1200, and Evolution 707 to full 4K with HDR as outlined in the HDMI v2.0b specification. HDR (High Dynamic Range) as defined by the HDR10 or Dolby Vision specifications increases the color gamut from 256 colors to at least 1024 colors which produces an image with stunning clarity, brightness, and realism. When used with the Foundation or Foundation 4K the switcher provides three HDMI inputs for 4K HDR sources, replacing HDMI inputs 2-4. Integration is as simple as connecting the switcher per the instruction manual and running the software update from the front panel of the Foundation or Foundation 4K. There are no changes required in the device setup (unless HDMI input 1 is in use) or home control system programming (if present). For the S-1200 or Evolution 707 the addition of the switcher increases the number of HDMI inputs from four to six (three for 4K HDR and three for non-4K sources). Both units will require updated software which can be installed using a home computer and Krell’s software update utility program. Please contact Krell for software and installation instructions.

Download the Krell HDMI Switcher Owner’s Reference for Foundation Processors
Download the Krell HDMI Switcher Supplement for S-1200 and Evolution 707 Processors